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free training guide
Get staff certified in 24 hours
  • From £15 pp – face to face and online courses at all levels
  • Mock inspections by ex-inspectors
  • Improve and grow your business
  • Engaging training sessions and flexible
  • Discounts for groups

All food businesses are required to follow specific laws to be able to operate legally and safely. Our experienced trainers/consultants can advise you appropriately and help you to avoid easily made mistakes allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Our experienced trainers can consult on a variety of topics, including-
  • Developing compliant hazard analysis systems for producers of food products
  • Auditing of existing systems – see our testimonial from Halal World for BRC auditing.
  • Conducting mock inspections for reviewing systems – our lead consultant (a former Birmingham City Council inspector with 20 years experience) can provide the guidance needed for a smooth inspection
  • Liaising with the local authority inspectors
  • Links to legal specialists in food safety and health and safety
  • Business start up advice to get your business off to a smooth start
  • Boost your ‘Scores on the doors’ by receiving assistance with correct completion of SFBB (Safer Food Better Business) packs which is vital for a 5 star council rating.
  • Compliant and easy to complete temperature and cleaning monitoring charts
We have worked with a variety of businesses assisting them in various ways. Click here to see some of the businesses we have worked with.

As part of the growing concern over public safety, the Safer Food Better Business packs have been developed by the FSA (Food Standards Agency) to assist businesses to comply with food safety law. They also contribute to your ‘scores on the doors’ initiative, where the results from council inspections are available to the general public. If you want to find the rating for your business or find the rating for your favourite restaurant then go to

Other consultancy services also include helping you improve your business to make it more profitable. We will provide you with a free consultancy where we will highlight areas for improvement and through our teamwork with you to ensure you become the success you can be.

Meet the team

Our lead trainer/consultant is a former Environmental Health Officer (EHO). Keith GWilliaims has over 30 years experience working within local authorities and within industry from hotels to light engineering, across a diverse range of subjects.

Our hospitality trainer/consultant has provided hospitality training to the cruise line industry and has also prepared operational manuals for businesses involved in hospitality. He has also worked in hospitality recruitment and can provide advice on recruiting successfully in this volatile industry. Your staff is your business, recruit without planning and you can guarantee failure.

Want to create consistent quality products then consult with the owner of Pisces Fish Bar – award winner in the national fish and chips award for quality of food and service (click here Pisces have also picked up numerous awards from midlands regional newspaper the Daily Mail. If you want to maximise the quality of your products then look no further.

Our operational management consultant has 15 years experience as regional manager for the Big Johns outlets and can kick your business into shape. Cold food, customers waiting for too long, food not presented to a good standard, items prepared in the wrong order, staff not using equipment properly, maintenance not carried out regularly – these common problems can be solved. It requires a willingness to adopt different methods, work hard and expectation management – if you can do this then success is achievable.


Improve your business

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Canopy Cleaning

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Scores on the Doors

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