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Scores on the Doors

In a highly competitive industry, food business operators (FBO) throughout the country are receiving quality ratings from local authorities. These ratings are available to the general public through Check your rating – we can help you improve your rating through our consultancy service. Exceeding your legal obligations is now more important than ever if you want to succeed in this industry. See how we have helped businesses to get a 5 star rating – click here.

What is scores on the doors?

In partnership with local authorities across the UK, the FSA (food standards authority) has developed a site where local authorities can upload reports of all food hygiene inspections carried out onto a central database -  this allows members of the public to be able to freely and easily access this information by inputting some basic information about any food premises.

Why has it been developed?

The scheme was developed in response to the CIEH recommending that all food business be required to publish inspection reports in 2004, citing that this scheme would encourage food businesses to improve their standards. The CIEH cited similar schemes from North America and parts of Europe which had been successful in improving compliance and promoting informed consumer choice. On the 1st January 2005, the Freedom of Information Act came into effect and all councils were legally obliged to provide details of inspection reports. The scheme was developed to enable consumers to compare on a standardised format.

Are all inspection results available on the site?

As of 2013, there were only 2 councils in the UK who had yet to merge with the national database.

Is the display of inspection results mandatory?

Presently there is no mandatory requirement to display the inspection results but the law has been changed in Wales by the National Assembly and all food operators are required to display the inspection result. Failure to do so results in the operator being fined. There are rumours that displaying inspection results will also become mandatory in England.

Whats the importance in getting a good rating?

It is of paramount importance because it establishes a good working relationship with council officials. The scores on the doors site is also becoming an ever more popular way of selecting which food establishment to visit. With the advent of apps on mobile devices, consumers can in seconds decide between businesses based on published ratings.  Rating requests by consumers currently runs at nearly 5 million a month (27/8/13), according to bbc website, 2077 million dishes were served in 2010 ( – this leaves a great deal of the population who do not currently use this service.

How can we help you?

At HTP, we have experienced consultants who can provide the right advice that will assist you in obtaining and holding onto a 5 star rating (see testimonials). Through a range of services (training at all levels, mock inspections, regulatory canopy cleaning, consultancy on SFBB packs) we can provide your business with peace of mind that you are legally compliant and confidently ready for an inspection from EHO’s.

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