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free training guide
Get staff certified in 24 hours
  • From £15 pp – face to face and online courses at all levels
  • Mock inspections by ex-inspectors
  • Improve and grow your business
  • Engaging training sessions and flexible
  • Discounts for groups
Improve your business

At Hospitality Training Partnership our philosophy is to form lasting partnerships that will help our partners grow and prosper. We will assist you to improve your processes to make you more efficient and profitable. The key areas of success in the hospitality industry are:

Have a distinctive concept that has been well thought out – we can help you define yourself to make your business unique to differentiate yourself from the competition. Focusing on your concept and developing it fully is the only way to be unique – this is highly sought after in the hospitality industry.

Ensure that all decisions make long-term economic sense – we can help you make the right decisions that will be cost effective.

Clear managerial focus on the factors that matter – we can help your managers to focus on the main key factors that determine success.

Create a cost-conscious culture – we can help establish stringent record keeping for informed planning and decision making.

Create and build a positive organisation culture through consistent management – we can help you to document your processes to help you develop a management style that will help you thrive.

We can assist you in these areas that will help you to stay focused. Research into the hospitality industry suggests that the majority of new starts will be out of business by the end of the 3rd year Source: Dun and Bradstreet Bankruptcy Reports. At  HTP we will use our expertise to help you avoid the factors that result in failure. Our aim is to ensure you prosper and not become another failed business. To discuss how we can work in partnership, email
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