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Canopy Cleaning - The regulations

All food businesses have a duty to ensure that their canopies are cleaned to reduce the risks of fires in kitchens under TR19 regulations.
Here at London and Midland Cleaning we offer an air conditioning unit and duct cleaning service that is second to none. Air ducts are becoming very popular in buildings to carry conditioned air around offices. But they need cleaning to ensure that this airs is clean and free of germs so that your employees, colleagues and visitors can safely breathe this air.

Based on your business needs, our staff will use their specialised knowledge and skills to remove any contamination, disinfect any areas to prevent any health and safety risks and hazards due to air contamination, in line with current health and safety laws.

At London and Midland we thoroughly clean all of your ducts, heating and cooling systems. Inside these units dust, dirt, pollen and other type of fragments build up. We use specialised equipment to firstly dislodge these fragments and then we can vacuum up this debris for a clean duct. We can do this at a time convenient for your business requirements. Most systems require this service at least once a year and in some cases more frequently. Check with your insurance provider for more details.

It is important to remember that many local authorities expect this certificate to be produced at inspections as well as the certificate forming part of meeting insurance requirements.

London and Midland Cleaning are experts in providing this service and are fully compliant with all Health and Safety legislation. We use professional contractors to conduct a survey of your business cleaning needs.

During the survey the contractor will identify your hard to reach areas, examine your ventilation ducts and filters, check canopies and discuss with you your cleaning requirements.

The deep clean system can be used for grease removal on appliances, general deep cleaning of other appliances and on ventilation systems.

On completion of the work you will be provided with a certificate to provide proof that cleaning has been undertaken.
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